Introduced  around 2009 the two intel processors Corei5 and Core i7 have been the favourite subject of discussion for tech lovers.  A majority of people fail to distinguish between the features of the two processors. Here we break down the differences between Core i5 and Core i7 for you.


The most obvious difference between these two is their processing speed, with Core i7 having a larger cache memory and targeted at those with multi-taking, multi-media,high end gamming and scientificreasearch work requirements.It would not be correct to say that the Core i5 is a slow processor rather it it simply slower than Core i7 yet has an amazing processing speed.


By core we mean thier own processors that  read and execute instructions.The greater the number of cores on a processor the faster it can function.

Most Core i7 processors are quad core, whereas Core i5 are dual core. However in some cases you might find out that some dual-core i7 processors and desktop  quad core i5 processors are also available.


Refers to the new Intel technology where a single core can serve multiple threads (usually two). Core i7 processors support hyper-threading resulting in their ability of running about 8 threads at a time. Core i5 on the other hand does not support hyper threading.


A feature that enables a processor to temporarily function faster than its actual speed while working on a single task: Core i5 and i7 both support this feature but as expected core i7 is faster .


Core i7 processors are essentially more expensive than Core i5, with a difference of about $150.


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